Nails are the important thing that adds beauty and gives an extra elegance to the fingers. Few people are crazy about growing nails and they grow it long. Now there are many shades of colors and designs are in market for applying on the nails and that has become a fashion trend.So it is necessary to maintain the nails in a proper way.

There are many tools like nail hydrators, hardeners and strengtheners used in maintaining nails. But it is necessary to know that there is a difference between nail hardeners and nail hydrators. So it is always better to choose the right product that will suit your nails. If you are looking forward for a product that strengthens your nails, then there are nail hardeners and hydrators available.

Here are some of the differences between nail hardener and nail hydrators.

About nail hardeners and its types

Basically there are two types of hardeners – Cross linking hardeners and Reinforcing hardeners

  • Cross-linking hardeners

This type of hardener works with the protein in nails. When the nails are weak this acts like a ladder making it feel loose. The ladder has broken rungs and you can make the ladder hard by adding extra rungs for connecting the two sides. This is how the cross-linkers work with the nails by tying the protein chains together making the nails harder.

  • Reinforcing hardener

This type of hardener will be helpful for the outer nails with components that coat the nail. They include a layer on the top of nails to reinforce the structure.

nail hardeners and hydrators

Nail hydrator

Hydrators work by using ingredients that moisturize the nail to keep it flexible and so it would bend not break. They are thicker and like a lotion.

Here are the pros and cons of nail strengtheners listed below.

Benefits of using hardeners and hydrators

When you use hardeners the nails will feel harder and less prone to splitting and breaking. These are best suited for people who have weak nails that get broken easily. Using hydrators would make the nails get moisturized and so make it flexible to bend.

Disadvantages of strengtheners

Main drawback of using cross linked hardener is that it makes the nail hard to bend and breaks easily. Hydrators need to be used for a long time to see the best results.


On understanding the pros and cons of nail strengtheners, you can decide which product would suit best for your nail and buy the right product.