In order to make the easy and stylish hairstyle, it is better using the hair fork which is the decorative two prong hair stick made up of the copper or any other material.

The hair fork hairstyles are really easy to make and every woman can have the most stylish look with this type of the hairstyle. When using the hair fork, everyone has to remember that you interlace it into your hair in the same way which you weave in the hair fork or hair stick. You have to push in the backward direction on the bun, switch to font and then twist it up to the middle of the bun then you have to switch to twist it down by your scalp.

hair sticks

Tutorial to use the hair fork:

If you are willing to use the hair fork and do the different kinds of the hairstyhair fork hairstylesles, first you have to feel free to use it and follow the steps suggested by the experts. The following are the most popular choices of the hairstyles which you can achieve using the hair fork.

  • Twist Bun – It is one of the easiest hairstyles to do when you use hair sticks or forks. You have to start with an accent braid on a single side but you should also need to do a bun without any braids with the help of the hair fork.
  • Braided twist bun – In this braided twist bun hairstyle, you have to make a lower braid first at the nape of your neck, loop like the twist bun and then you have to insert a hair fork.

hair fork

Other beautiful hairstyles:

  • Braided twist bun variation: Side Braid – The first step is optional and you can try part your hair on the side and then twist the hair up in the sections. This twist has to wrap around the back side of your head. Otherwise, you can also try making a side rope braid and coil it into the twist bun right by your ear. At last insert the hair stick.
  • Half up hairstyle – It is very simpler hairstyle for which you have to just separate the top half of your hair and then make the basic twist bun.

You can also try the half up hairstyle variation and some other hairstyle to use hair pins. Now, you can have a fancy looking bun with all these types of hairstyles using the hair forks.