It’s rare to find out the mistakes and effects of using the hairdryer in irregular ways, its effects will show off when it makes too damage on the skin. If you are using a hairdryer you should know the proper way to use along with the mistakes to don’t do while blowing your hair. Every woman loves their hair and looks forward to healthy tips and safety measures to save their hair from damages. Here this article will help you to get enough information to know step by step proper blow dry long layered hair using dryer.

blow dry long layered hair

Blowing steps for long hair

Initially, you have to take a shower on hair with your trustworthy shampoo and use conditioner solution to make your hair to free from the frizzy state. Hold extra absorbent towel and gently rub your hair from top to bottom using the absorbent towel. Don’t flip off your hair by rubbing along with the other partition of your hair.

Use wide-comb teeth to remove the entire tangles from hair by combing in the manner from bottom to top.  Apply cream or balm to straighten your hair, then use a high-quality dryer to dry your hair and free from damages. Section your hair according to the volume of your hair and blow out hair with layers use clips to hold the remaining hair which is not getting a blow.

Use an appropriate round comb to blow by length to length, remove the clip away while it takes to dry. Roll the sectioned hair while blowing to get the texture on entire hair. Use this method to dry your entire sectioned hair, after blowing roll your hair using your fingers to get straightened against the curls. You can use a finishing product to look more silky and fine hair.

blow out hair with layers

Mistakes to avoid while drying

There are several mistakes are listed below to avoid during hair blowing to strengthen your hair and make ready of your hair to take dryer.

Choose an ionic hair dryer

If you have thick and long hair, you might seem difficult to dry your hair by taking partitioning. The technology of ionic hair dryers works effectively against long and thick hair to get dry faster within the moderate temperature.

Don’t wrap your hair for a long time

Usually, women are used to ties their hair using cotton towel after shower taking, but it is not good for hair. You can make dry your hair when dropping water stops from your hair and blow dry layered hair yourself don’t let your hair to get dry on towel itself.

Don’t brush or comb soon

Once you take shower you should let your hair to get dry, don’t comb your hair within few minutes after shower it will damages the cuticle of your hair. Take partition of your hair and blow it by section to section, mold it through the dryer and then style your hair with your brush.

Use wide-teeth comb

If you dry out your hair using dryer use a wide-teeth comb to style or remove tangles, using short teeth will make friction on hairs and make your hair unhealthy.